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The 80 acres project [Apr. 10th, 2009|07:39 am]


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We're managing 80 acres for wildlife and prairie restoration.   Last winter I started a website for this project (to unclutter my main site, among other things) and a blog (for current discussions and photos, as my LJ Scrapbook was getting too full.   The website is now to the point where it might be of interest to anyone doing (or thinking about) wildlife management or prairie restoration on smallish acreages.   Among other things, we're trying to find, identify, and (if possible--the critters don't always cooperate) document both presence and reproduction with photographs.  Yesterday we finally got the species lists put up: birds, plants, non-bird wildlife.   There's an FAQ, a map, a discussion of species diversity as a metric of successful restoration, and a references/bookshelf page  there as well.


When I find something I can't ID, I photograph it and start looking it up--we have field guides (shelves of them!) but there are really good online resources for insects (including individual taxa like Odes, Leps, etc.) and so on.  Still having problems with lichens, though.  I have the monster book, but there's no easy way to go from "flat, pinkish with black spots" to a page in the book showing all the "flat, pinkish with black spots" lichens.